General diary entries

FUMING! (with apologies for language)

Absolutely bloody fuming!

Addenbrooks have fucked up AGAIN!!
Ian’s follow up appointment, that has already been moved 3 times, has just been cancelled because it was a nurse review and should have been a consultant review. He’s back to waiting for a review with no idea of how long it will take.

This has now been going on a year and it has been fuck up, after fuck up, after fuck up.
No regard to the fact that Ian is losing quality of life, is relying on a work colleague to drive him to work, is LUCKY he still has a job, has to rely on other people to drive him to his appointments.

Today alone, he’s used the last of his annual leave to be able to attend this appointment and I had to turn down a shift swap to help out at work because I need to attend this appointment with him!


Where do we go from here?
This is literally the straw the breaks the camel’s back.

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