General diary entries


So, I haven’t posted since the 17th September.

TBH, I really haven’t wanted to write anything. My life feels like a bit of a struggle at the moment, just going from day to day. I just want this course to finish so that I can go back to concentrating on my work and my life and continue to develop my skills on the job. After 2 years of writing about policies and guidelines, I’ve really had enough and just want to get back to actually dealing with patients and work colleagues.

This week isn’t helping.
I got the result for my third presentation.
My first two presentations were ‘A’s, my third was a ‘C’.
To say I’m a little disappointed is true but, hey! it’s a pass.
I know where I went wrong. I tried to cram way too much onto the slides and my references weren’t great.

I have placement today and tomorrow followed by 2 long days at work and then my weekend will be spent on my last two pieces of work.

What a shit week!!

Having said that….
One of my baby girls turned 21 yesterday!
How did that happen?

How did this…….


Turn into this?!!!



And last night I went to the cinema with the hubby and daughter number 2.
I was a secret screening so we didn’t know what it would be until it started.
Turns out it was ‘The Hate U Give’.

I kinda rolled my eyes when I found out what it was.
I see it all the time on the news just lately and really didn’t want it rammed down my throat in the cinema.


I’m glad I stayed to watch it.
It’s a good film with a lot to say, that it does pretty well.
Gives a bit of perspective from both sides of events.
Even gives a little bit of humour.

Would I watch it again?
Don’t know if it’s one for my DVD list though.

Right, that’s my quick update of events.
Back to work. Got to leave in about 10 minutes.
I could cry.

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