General diary entries


Right, time to kick some ass….. my own that is.

I’ve just had 2 weeks of annual leave to have a really good think about things.
In that time, I have finished a presentation, submitted it and then actually presented it.
I’ve made a tentative start on the next one but I haven’t even looked at the two essays that I wanted to.
I have chilled, I have eaten far too much, drunk far too much and generally procrastinated at every turn.


After all this time to think, I have come up with a plan.
The next 7 months are going to be incredibly hard as I try to fit in everything that is required to finish this foundation degree.
I need to wake my brain up a bit and I think that exercise and fresh air is called for.
When I was dieting and exercising before I went to Italy last year, I felt great!
Since coming back I have fallen into the old routine of sitting in front of my PC and doing sod all else during my free time.

I have an App on my phone that tracks my daily exercise and I have set my daily steps target to 10000.
When I am at work I will smash through this, regularly reaching 16000 steps.
On my days off, I rarely reach this target and in the last two weeks, the ONLY day I reached this target was when we went to Coventry for the day last weekend.

Needless to say, that with all the spoiling of myself I’ve done and with the lack of exercise, I have piled on a bit of weight.
Worrying about Uni work and binge eating to feel better are not helping and are, in fact, making me even more depressed and therefore comfort eating even more!!

It’s a downward spiral and it has to stop!!

So, Monday is the start of me getting back into the right frame of mind to kick my life back into the right gear.
I will start by making sure I reach my steps target on a DAILY basis.
I’ve been charting my efforts over the last few months and marking my efforts in red, amber and green.
The red means I have walked less than 7500 steps.
The amber means I have walked between 7500 and 10000 steps.
The green means I reached my target for the day.

Sadly there is far more red and amber than green on my spreadsheet for the year so far.

My best month has been July with a total of 200677 steps, equivalent to 158.21 Kilometers or 98.3 Miles.
My worst month has been May with on 110046 steps, equivalent to just 86.3 Kilometers or 53.6 Miles.

If I aim to reach my target every day from now on I should be reaching nearer 434000 steps for the month, equivalent to roughly 310 Kilometers or 192 Miles!!
That’s double my best month so far!!

It’s going to be tough, I’ll admit, but I need to get out of the house and away from the computer for a bit each day.
I also need to get back into a ton of nice clothes that I have that are just a bit too snug to be comfortable in.

There, it’s in writing, so watch this space.
Now, I’m going to go and finish the last of my wine and snacks!

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