General diary entries


Ok, I have time for a quick blog.
In fact I have two weeks for quick blogs as I am now on annual leave.

Not that I’ll have too much time for relaxing as I still have to attend University on Mondays and I have a presentation to finish and present, another presentation to start and two essays to get going!!

So much for annual leave!!

Anyway, today I am relaxing. In fact I’m off to the little Bro’s house in a bit for a party to celebrate his wife’s son’s 18th birthday.


Anyway, onto why I’m blogging.
I’ve just spent a bit of time on Youtube and I’ve watched a new video by Nile Wilson.
If you read my blogs regularly you will know that I love Men’s Artistic Gymnastics and this guy in particular is so enthusiastic about everything he does, he’s absolutely infectious.

Today he’s announced a bit of a change in his Vlogging.
He’s kicking it all off with 7 individual vlogs over the next 7 days.
He’s just moved out of his parents house, so he’ll be talking about that but what interested me the most was his view of the next two years.
He is stepping up his game with the Tokyo Olympics in his sights for 2020.
He is going to take us through the rigorous training, the highs and lows of the next two years and if his previous vlogs are anything to go by, he’ll be doing it in style.

So check him out. Give him a go. You’ll get hooked too. The first two minutes of this vlog are spine tingling.

If you get hooked on Nile, you’ll LOVE Neil and Nile Vlogs that he does with his dad.
They have an amazing relationship and are hilarious together.

Take a look.

They make me giggle anyway.

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