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So after two long and interesting days, doing what I actually want to be doing when I qualify, but under supervision, I am finally home with some shop bought Kentucky style chicken and some wine.

After a swap around of some shifts next week, I ‘technically’ have the next 4 days off.

I say technically because Monday is actually a Uni day but we have been given the day as a study day or time to have one to ones with our tutors. So, it’s a perfect time to crack on with my next essay which has virtually written itself. I now just need to put together a Powerpoint to go with the waffle.
I also need to take a look at one of my essays and make a start on the epidemiology of Measles.

I also need to keep on top of the washing and the ironing.
My Mum has been away for the last 10 days and I want to prove to her that I can actually keep on top of things.
I also want to squeeze in a trip to the cinema to see Ant Man and the Wasp.
Then Monday sees the release of Love Simon! and Ready Player one on Bluray.

Can’t wait to see Love Simon again.

So this weekend is going to be a fine balance between housework, Uni work and a little fun.

Of course, there’s wine in the fridge!!
Can’t possibly do an essay without a glass or two of wine!!

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