General diary entries


Today has been a good day.
We finally got a bit of a break in the current heat wave. Some rain showers that have cleared the air and cooled things down. Not that I want to get rid of the sun!! We just needed a break from it.
It doesn’t look like the temperature will get much over 26 or 27 degrees over the next two weeks either, so sleeping at night should be a bit more bearable.

I went into town with my two youngest daughters this morning to do a bit of shopping.
Dharma, my youngest got her first pay cheque this week!!
They both decided to treat their Mum to lunch. Lovely.

Then we did a bit of a top up shop for the freezer and cupboards before winging our way to the cinema to watch Mission Impossible fallout. Brilliant!!

Just a nice simple, normal, family day.
Unfortunately it will be spoiled tomorrow by housework and uni work.
The end of this course cannot come soon enough!

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