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What a roller coaster of a day and I haven’t really done anything!

I started the day on a high when I took my youngest daughter to start her new job at MacDonalds.
She was really scared but walked in with a smile on her face.

Then I did a shop to prepare for a BBQ tomorrow evening ready to watch England in the World Cup semi’s with my Dad.

We got some messages from Dharma saying she was OK.
She even posted on her break “On break now…been working eggs for 2&1/2 hours – let’s just say I’m a boss at eggs”.
All seemed to be going well.

Then I sat down at the computer, had one last run-through of my first presentation before submitting it to the Portal.
I had a little freak-out when I thought I’d messed up and then calmed down when my tutor got back in touch with me to re-assure me that I had submitted it and it had been received.
So that’s it. First Assignment finished. I now just have to actually present it next Monday to get my marks. DEEP BREATH…….

Then I received a call from Dharma who had finished work and wanted picking up.
This is where the Drama started.
Apparently the second half of her shift wasn’t as good as the first and she became completely overwhelmed. We had tears in the car as she said she ‘hated’ it and didn’t want to go back.
So, lots of re-assurance that this is actually very normal for a first timer on her first day at work and that she will actually get used to it but she can’t let it stop her.
Thankfully her sister is working with her on her next shift, so a friendly face will hopefully help and she has also said she will have a chat with the boss to see if there is anything that can be done to ease Dharma in a little more gently.
Right now she is in her bedroom. I know she’s probably still shedding tears and getting herself into a right panic. I just hope we can get her out of the door on Thurs!

Right, bit of a tidy up to do and then I’m actually going to watch the footy tonight to see who England WILL be playing in the final.

Doesn’t hurt to be a little optimistic!

An early shift tomorrow, a trip to MSK for Marji and then BBQ and England in the world cup semi’s.

It's coming home

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