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So, the NHS is 70 years old.

Today I had a woman bring me to tears in Tescos.

She first confirmed I was who she thought I was before telling me that I had looked after her son on my ward a year ago. Apparently he is now 15 and still talks about how wonderful I was. She reiterated that 15 year olds don’t usually talk about their feelings but he always has good things to say about me when he remembers his stay on my ward.

I have to say that I got very emotional. It brought home why I am still working for the NHS. Comments like this are few and far between but they make all the hard work worth while

So, just a reminder, to all you wonderful nurses and CSWs out there. You may not hear it every day , but you are definitely appreciated and make all the difference to a patients stay in hospital.

Happy birthday NHS!!

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