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As if I wasn’t depressed enough already, turns out it could take up to 4 weeks for my bruised coccyx to heal.
If it’s broken, it could take 8 – 12 weeks.
Every site I’ve read says it’s not worth going to A+E to get checked.
If I have ongoing issues, the GP is the first port of call.

So, looks like something I’m just going to have to put up with for a while.
Climbing stairs is a pain.
Sitting down and standing up is a pain.
Sitting and leaning forward is not too bad, so great opportunity for some Uni work.
Otherwise, the only relief is standing and laying down and that’s even after pain relief.

It’s not excruciating, it’s just bloody irritating! Although it does catch me out when I stand up from sitting.

It’s my own stupid fault.
What was I thinking?!!
If only I could let my youth die with dignity….. but where’s the fun in that.
In my head, I’m still a teenager.
My body, however, has other ideas.

ennis esmer dancing GIF by Red Oaks

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