General diary entries


So! As you know from my previous post, I went ice skating on Wednesday with my youngest and fell flat on my my arse!!
My pride and the last vestiges of my youth disappearing as I had to crawl off the ice.
I knew that night that I’d bruised my ego quite badly but I managed to get up and head to work with no issues.
However, as the day progressed, things got more and more sore.
When I got home last night I could barely climb the stairs. I certainly couldn’t pick anything up which is, of course, why I kept dropping things like my car keys!!

Anyway, this morning I did a few chores. Nothing major, a little shopping, dropped the car off for it’s MOT and walked home.
By 1pm, I was back to where I was after work last night. Picking things up and climbing stairs is a real pain in the arse! Literally.
So I made the decision that it was probably best not to go into work tomorrow and have a few days off my feet.
(No excuse to not get any Uni work done though!!)

So, that gives me the weekend (and technically Monday as driving to Uni and sitting in class is mostly staying off my feet) for my tailbone to try and recover a little.
At least I hope so, because right now, I think twice about just getting up out of a chair!

Speaking of the MOT, my baby failed!!
Ian spoke to the garage who wanted £495 to fix everything.
Ian was having none of that.
One issue was leaking from the exhaust and as they had fitted a whole brand new exhaust just before Xmas we pointed out the fact that it was up to them to fix it.
There was also a missing bolt on one of the wheels and again, as they were the last ones to remove the wheels on the car, they were the ones who hadn’t secured the bolts enough, so up to them to fix again.
As for the rest, Ian asked ‘how much to get it through the MOT and we’ll get everything else done ourselves as and when we can afford it’.
The result…..


So, I am now waiting for a call to let me know when I can pick her up and then my Dad is running me down there so I don’t have to walk it.

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