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I took Dharma and a few of her friends ice skating today.
Dharma turned 16 a couple of weeks ago but decided to wait to celebrate until after exams had finished.
I decided to join them on the ice.
It has been at least 25 years since I’ve been ice skating, possibly a little longer.
Things started out well but I did the inevitable and landed on my arse!!

I landed hard.
I did a not so elegant impression of a starfish on the ice and had to literally crawl to an exit and onto the rubber matting to get the traction I needed to stand up again!!
So embarrassing!

I think I’ve managed to bruise my coccyx.
I can feel it stiffening up already and every time I move it’s getting more and more painful.
I dread to think what It’s going to be like in the morning and I’ve got a 12.5 hour shift to get through!
I’m going to be hobbling.

Anyway, we are now home, watching The Incredibles and waiting for pizza to arrive.

Later this evening, I’m going to the cinema with Ian and Marjorie.
There’s a secret screening on this evening so I have no idea what the film will be until it starts.
I do love these secret screeners. It’s really exciting not knowing what you’re going to get.
However, 2 hours in a cinema chair is not going to help the coccyx situation!!

I’m really going to pay for this tomorrow!

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