General diary entries


So, I finished the kickstarter diet.
Yes I did lose some weight.
Won’t be doing it again!!
It was just so boring. Eating plain tins of tuna with a smidge of steamed veggies just made me so depressed.

Anyway, the rest of the week was going well until my brand new computer ended up having to be sent back to the suppplier for a new one.
So, another week and no Uni work done.

I did have a good week with placement and work.
I had a productive chat with my mentor and plans have been made.
Scary but good.

Thursday was the game changer.
My baby girl, the youngest of my three daughters, Dharma, turned 16!!
She wasn’t happy though as she had a maths exam!!

It’s just as well she decided to celebrate after her exams because we lost a family member that day.
Uncle Sid lost his hard fought battle with cancer.
He was a lovely man and family get togethers will not be the same without him.

So! With that news and no computer and no work this weekend, I’m on a bit of a downer.
Left over KFC, wine and crisps, together with the sofa and Netflix.

I just had a quick visit from my Dad.
SOOO glad he didn’t walk in 60 seconds later as I’m in the middle of a Queer as Folk re-run.
Don’t think he would have been happy about walking in on a Club Babylon gay orgy!!

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