General diary entries


So, after getting into a bit of a pit with all things life related, I’ve decided enough is enough.

One of my biggest issues at the moment is my weight.
I’ve been comfort eating for weeks and I’ve undone all the good I did for my brother’s wedding last year!
I have a wardrobe full of lovely summer clothes that are all a little tight around the middle or I can’t get into.

So, after talking to a colleague at work the other day, I found out about a ‘kickstarter’ diet.
It’s designed to ‘kickstart’ a diet with a shot of extreme weight loss or for anyone going to a special occasion who needs a last minute boost of weight loss to feel fabulous.

It’s a 3 day diet (The British Heart Foundation 3 day diet plan) and must be adhered to for it to be effective.
It is designed to give you your required daily nutrients at the ‘barest’ minimum, and I do mean ‘barest’.

You have to have a little willpower for this one!

Breakfast this morning wasn’t too bad.
A slice of toast with a tablespoon of peanut butter and half a grapefruit.
Washed down with a black coffee and sweetener.

Funny thing is, when I came downstairs this morning I was on autopilot and put a mug of milk in the microwave for my usual morning milky coffee!!
That one is going to die hard.

Lunch is going to be a challenge with only 1 slice of bread and a small tin of tuna and dinner this evening is a measly 85g of lean meat, 110g of cauliflower and 128g of carrots!
I’ve already weighed it out and I could have cried.

Anyway, black coffee and tea with sweetener or water are the only drinks allowed.
This is going to be tough but I think I need this kick to get back into the right mindset.
Thankfully it’s only meant for three days.
If you wanted to do it again, you have to have at least three days off the diet, you just have to be careful to continue to eat healthily and up your exercise to maintain the weight loss.

So here goes.
I’ll keep you posted.

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