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OK, time to get political!!
I have been following a debate that’s been raging for quite some time now and it gets brought home to me occasionally through various vloggers that I follow on Youtube and Twitter, most noteably, Melanie Murphy.

On Friday 25th May, people of Ireland will be voting to repeal the 8th amendment which makes abortion illegal. The only exception being where the mother’s life is at risk.
This means that even women who have fallen pregnant after being raped face going to prison if they have an abortion in Ireland.

Young girls who fall pregnant for whatever reason, rape, poor education, poor access to birth control or a plain old mistake, face imprisonment for seeking an abortion.
They are forced to travel out of the country, usually on their own, to seek medical intervention at the cost of thousands of pounds and at risk to their health and wellbeing.
They are being told they do not have the right to decide what happens to their own body.

I wish I was eligible to vote in Ireland. Two of my daughters are old enough to vote and they would be doing so if they could, as would my husband and my younger daughter if she was old enough.

So if you are eligible to vote, male or female, whatever age, get off your backsides on Friday and actually vote. Most importantly…. VOTE  YES!!!

I’ll just leave this video here.
Hozier, not just eloquent in his music but eloquent in life.

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