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Over this past week, I have come to realise exactly what procrastination means.
Today in particular.
It’s been a beautiful day outside and I’ve spent it sat at this computer, trawling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Eating and drinking.
I’ve had every intention to carry on with some Uni work, but not a single word has been written.

It is now 8 in the evening and I am thinking about Uni tomorrow and my new placement on Tuesday.

This is how every day has been lately and it has to stop.
I’m not exercising and my weight is creeping up.
I think about Uni work but nothing ever materialises.

Not that I haven’t had a reason over the last week after my computer died on me.
I’ve literally been getting this new one back up to running everything the way I want it to and then I’ve just been enjoying it a little too much.
Adam at Cannes at been a HUGE distraction!!


Anyway, it’s time to get my shit together.
Stop sitting at this computer and actually get something done.
Start getting out in the sun and actually doing some exercise and get some Uni work done.
This year is going to fly by and I need to keep on top of the Uni work if I’m going to pass the course at the end of the year.

Tomorrow… new me!!

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