General diary entries


So, it’s  been a pretty awful couple of weeks.
I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed with everything that’s been going on and the last minute annual leave I’ve taken has helped immensely.

Ian is back at work…..sort of.
He’s now on a ton of Morphine and anti-sickness medications, which seem to be helping.
He is managing to get to work with the help of a colleague who is collecting him and bringing him home so he doesn’t have to drive. He works a couple of days from home and then takes a day of annual leave to recover and start again.

Marjorie is handling her Coeliac diagnosis really well. We are now just experimenting with what she can eat and it’s been a steep learning curve. The biggest thing we’ve learned is not to just jump to all the stuff that is branded as gluten free. Read labels!!!  Quite often you can stick to what you like without paying over the odds. You just have to be careful and read the labels.
Stupid little things like plain crisps. Marjorie will only eat plain crisps. We have found out that she can no longer eat ‘Walkers’ plain crisps but she CAN eat ‘Tescos’ plain crisps!!
Why pay £3 for a TINY bottle of gluten free mayonaise when mayonaise is gluten free anyway and you can buy a huge bottle of your favourite brand for the same price!!

With the house inspection out of the way and Ian’s car through it’s MOT we now only have to worry about getting my car through it’s MOT next month. I know it needs at least one new tyre but I’m hoping that will be it.

I’m now facing my final hurdle.
I had intended to actually start my Uni work over the next five days but my PC decided to die an ‘actual’ death a couple of days ago.
Thankfully, all of my Uni work and photos and everything important to keeping me sane at the moment is still in tact on the hard drive that my husband has saved, but now I am awaiting the arrival of a new base unit.

I’m actually quite excited about it.
My old PC was over 6 years old and in PC terms… that is ancient!
This new one is going to be so much faster and slicker but it’s going to take some time to get up and running and get all of my important files onto and organised and then I have to sink things up again and get to know it before I can start to do my Uni work.

The only thing I’m sure of now is that I WILL get started on Uni work at some point over the next five days!!
I’ve not been completely without computer access as you can tell by this blog, but my little tablet style laptop is no match for a real PC and I HATE this keyboard!!

Watch this space!!

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