General diary entries


So, things have been a little more settled this past week.
I spent time on the house and in particular, the garden, which is now a place I actually want to sit in and enjoy for a change.
I’m now sitting here waiting for the rental agency inspection which could take place anytime between 9 and 12.

Good news is that the only person left in the house is Murron!
Although, I really need her out of bed so her room can be inspected.

Dharma has just gone for her ‘officially’ last day of school before her exams start next week. Scary stuff!!

Marjorie has gone off to college, even though she’s got a stinking cold and yesterday she had confirmation that she does indeed have Coeliac disease!!
So I’ll be taking a long hard look at the cupboards in the kitchen later today and making a gluten free cupboard.
Time to start making some changes and hopefully Marjorie will get her pep back!
She’s now waiting for a dietician review but hopefully we will have made a good start on the gluten free change before then.

Ian is actually at work!
He did his first day in 6 weeks, 2 days ago and it went pretty well. He pushed it and went out for dinner with colleagues after work and he paid for it a little yesterday but he’s back at work today.
So fingers crossed that with his current medication level he can continue to do 2 days at work, 2 days working from home and then one day of annual leave each week to have a 3 day recovery period until his pinched nerve can be sorted.

I am feeling a little more chilled (or at least I will be when this inspection is over).
I can now start concentrating on Uni work again.
I’m actually at work for a day tomorrow, I have Uni on Monday and a placement day on Tuesday and then I have 5 days where I plan to get stuck into Uni work.
Take a long hard look at what needs to be done, and by when, and then make a plan and actually start!

Diet and exercise has gone out the window over the last couple of months and I’m really feeling it in my clothes.
Time to get back on track with that diet!!
17 months until my 50th. I want to be ‘at least’ a size 16 by then. It’s doable.

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