General diary entries


It’s been a busy and productive day today.
Unfortunately none of it Uni related.

The biggest thing I achieved today was not dying!!

For anyone who knows the area, I was driving out of Elliot Crescent towards the roundabout on Church Lane. This section is a one way street with cars parked on one side.
Once you’ve entered into it there is literally only room for the one car to pass down the road.
I had just turned to enter this road when a bloody great 4 x 4 vehicle, being chased at high speed by a police 4 x 4 came haring towards me, the wrong way down the road.
I had to literally slam my breaks on, as did the 4 x 4 as he screamed past me followed by the cops. He barely missed my car before screaming on.
I partially pulled into a little layby just around the bend as I was shaking so badly.
The people in the first house who had heard everything came to see if I was alright and then the bloody 4 x 4 came screaming back down the road from behind me!
He raced out onto the roundabout, followed by the cops, he went all the way around and excited towards the traffic lights at the church but by this time, a big motor bike had become involved and stopped in front of the cop car, giving the 4 x 4 time to get away, before he too, screeched up the road.
By the time I got home, I was still shaking.

Anyway, I did a Tesco run this morning and tidied Marjorie’s bedroom.
I picked Ian’s car up after PASSING it’s MOT!!! Whoo hoo!
This is when I escaped death!
Then I set to jet washing the side passage and patio that had become covered in thick moss and muck.
4 hours later, it looks amazing.
I got a little carried away and started on the garden furniture too.
Then I thought I’d better call it a night before the neighbours started complaining about the noise of the jet washer.
I plan to finish it, and the windows and sills tomorrow.

Now I know, I’ll have somewhere nice to sit and have some wine, when taking a break from the Uni work I ‘should’ be doing!!

Now it’s time to chill.
Take some pain relief.
And some wine.
Attempt a movie without falling asleep!!

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