General diary entries


Today is the first day of some much needed annual leave.
After a bit of a wobble last week at work, I decided I needed a time out.
I still have to do my Uni day and Placement day but I’ve taken some time away from my work base to get back on top of things.
So, although I’ve taken a break, there’s still plenty to do before our inspection.
Spring clean from top to bottom.
Garden tidy up.
Get started in earnest with some Uni work.

Today I GUTTED my bedroom.
With Ian permanently camped in it at the moment, it’s difficult to keep it tidy.
It was in need of a serious tidy and clean, so I kicked him out for a couple of hours while I tackled it.

Then I chilled with some wine and watched ‘Call Me By Your Name’ for the umpteenth time.
Now I’m having a sort out of my computer, organising some Uni bits and pieces with a film called ‘Mine’ playing in the background.
A very underated film but very much worth a watch.

Tomorrow, I may tackle the girls bedrooms.
I’m certainly not get any gardening done with the rain we’ve just had.
Hopefully the weather will improve by the weekend because I seriously need to tidy the garden before the inspection on the 11th.

So there’s plenty of wine in the house. Sadly not enough nibbles but that can be rectified with the shops just over the road.
This evening is a chillax evening with the knowledge that I haven’t got work tomorrow.

I can breath.

With that said, I had an amazing day in placment yesterday. I got to assist in a Pleural Tap.
1.5 litres of fluid removed from a man’s lung!! Unbelievable.
He was wheelchaired in and walked out!
I just hope that nothing sinister comes from the investigations on the fluid.
Then in the afternoon, I met an amazing couple dealing with the wife’s COPD. Such a humble couple and so grateful for the service the hospital is providing.
I even got a kiss on the cheek from the Hubby when I took them to their car to retrieve our wheelchair.
Made my day.

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