General diary entries


This blog is only a couple of days late.

Earlier in the week I went to London to see one of my favourite bands. CC Smugglers.

Smugglers 1
It was supposed to be me and Ian but Ian has some real problems with a trapped nerve at the moment and literally cannot stand and walk around for more than an hour or two, so London was out of the question.
So I took my eldest daughter, Murron, who is also a Smugglers fan.

Smugglers 8
I’ve blogged about the Smugglers before.
They are a local band. One of them actually works at the Hospital with me.
They are AMAZING live.

Over the last year they have been raising money using ‘Pledgemusic’ so that they can record their first official album and it is now just about ready for release.
I pledged to get the tickets for the show we were going to see.

Anyway, we decided to make the most of the day and headed into London by train just before 10am.
As Ian wasn’t with me, it was decided that I should do things that I’ve never done before in London so Murron planned the day.

We arrived in London at around 11am and we made our way to London Bridge and Borough Market.
Murron got a faceful of Mac ‘n’ Cheese with pulled pork and cheese sauce and I got to try a Sea Urchin!

Smugglers 9

Then we arranged to meet Charlotte, one of Murron’s friends who works in London, for a lunchtime drink at one of my favourite pubs, The Horniman, by HMS Belfast.

Smugglers 7

After that, we headed up to Camden where Murron showed me the fabulous Market around Camden Lock and took me to see Cyber Dog, a very alternative fashion store with an 18+ only floor which was quite interesting! I will neither confirm or deny that I treated myself!!
Smugglers 5

Of course, Murron found a little music den and just ‘had’ to try one of the guitars.

After Camden, we headed over to Soho to check out Crumbs and Doilies.
We treated ourselves to a mini cake because we didn’t want to spoil dinner and it was delicious but I have to say I was a little dissapointed with the shop itself.
Very small, and not much on display, so we didn’t stay long.

Then we headed over to Covent Garden to find the Hospital Club where the gig was to take place to get our bearings. On the way we walked right past Choccywoccydoodah!!
Of course we went in and had a nose around.

Then we went and found a pub for dinner.
One large steak and a burger later, we headed back to the Hospital club and as always, the smugglers were brilliant!!

The photo of the day had to be this one….. taken mid-song with Richie, the lead singer.
Unfortunately not very flattering for me!! Cheesy grin and nasal flair! But lots of fun.

Smugglers 3

Then, one very long day and 18 kilometers of walking later we headed back home and got to bed at just before 1am.

I have to say that when I have a bit of money set aside, a trip back to Camden is on the books!!

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