General diary entries


I had a lovely day at work yesterday.
Not too busy, very chilled, good chat with my new mentor and i’m finally getting a plan for my work based learning over this next year.

Today is going to be a little bit patchy. Lots to do and not enough time.
So a little blogging this morning, followed by a quick run to Tesco, followed by some housework, followed by some Uni work.

The walking can take a break today. I don’t want to push the knee too much.
The fact that I’ve walked a grant total of 39.65 Km in the last 4 days which is 50.399 steps means that ‘technically’ I’ve actually hit my 10000 steps target for today (day 5) anyway.
I will probably do some weights and situps a little later instead.
That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Categories: General diary entries

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