General diary entries


That’s it!! I’m going for a walk around the marina.
It’s a beautiful day out there. Better make the most of it.

There’s just no way I’m going to be able to concentrate on work at the moment as the new neighbours have got a circular saw going.
They are completely gutting the house before moving in, it’s just a pain in the bum when I need to concentrate and they’ve got their electrical tools on the go all day.

On the plus side, the new owner is a bit of a babe and so are his work colleagues. Now the sun is out, the shorts are on and the shirts are off!!
Maybe I’ll just take up residence in the front garden with a bottle of wine and watch the view as they climb up and down the scaffolding!

Nope, gotto go for that walk so that I can ‘justify’ a bottle of wine later.


Categories: General diary entries

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