General diary entries


So it was up at the crack of dawn today to watch some gymnastic aparatus finals at the Commonwealth Games.

After stunning performances in the Team and the Individual All-around events, Max and Nile had a bit of a dodgy start today on the individual floor.
Neither of them could get clean landings and Nile even sat down on one, so it was not to be for the floor medal.

The Pommel was the surprise of the day with the youngster , Rhys McClenaghan, from Northern Ireland taking the gold ahead of Olympic champion Max Whitlock.
They both scored 15.100 but Rhys’ execution score was higher so he took the medal.
He had obviously decided that to beat Max he just needed to go for it, and it worked!!
The emotion on his face when he landed and realised what he’d done was amazing.
I just wanted to give him a big hug.


The final piece of men’s apparatus for the day was the rings.
Courtney Tulloch for England took his second gold medal of the games and Nile Wilson got his 3rd medal of the games taking the silver.
They were both amazingly cool.

Commonwealth 7

So, it’s up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to watch the last three pieces.
Two of them are Nile’s best pieces!!

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