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The Commonwealth Games has it’s opening ceremony tomorrow on the Gold Coast of Australia. (BBC one, red button and online, from 10am)

Being in australia means that I’m going to have to be up at stupid o-clock to see any of the events I want to see, so I’ve got my timetable ready!!
All the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics and Men’s Diving carefully planned out in the hopes of at least seeing some of them!

I’ve been keeping up with my two favourites, Tom Daley and Nile Wilson, via their Vlogs on Youtube and it’s been fun seeing them build up to the event and show us around the athletes village and all their shinanigans.

However, Nile’s shinanigans may have just got him into some hot water!!

Tom and Nile have done some colaborative vlogs together in the past and have become quite good friends so when Nile decided to ‘prank’ Tom and release the Vlog earlier today, I got my Youtube notification and took ten minutes out to have a laugh.

In the Vlog, Nile manages to steal Tom’s training trunks out of his bag before Tom goes to the pool and then films himself wearing them on the beach.
Also in the Vlog, Nile gets a facetime message from Tom, what he neglected to edit out was Tom’s mobile phone number!!

There it was, in all it’s glory and it was soon picked up on in the comments under the vlog.

The Vlog only got released a couple of hours ago and it already has over 35000 views.
35000 people (yep, including me, not that I would ever use it) have paused that video and made a note of that number.

One person in the comments has already tried it and got Tom’s coach who said that Tom was sleeping.
It’s currently around 5am in Australia, so Tom is going to wake up with a bit of a surprise and a nightmare to sort out.
Poor Nile is going to be distraught when he realises his slip up!

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