General diary entries


OK, time to take a chill pill.

I’ve just finished a couple of busy 12.5 hour days at work.
As busy as they were, I actually got to look after and cuddle lots of babies for a change.

I now have a couple of days off and have decided to make the most of the remainder of easter.

I have been alcohol free now for the last 4 days. I actually tried some alcohol free lager and wine. The lager was OK, I could probably have that again, but the wine was……. let’s just say, I bought 2 bottles and 1 and half went down the sink!!
Won’t be trying that again in a hurry. It’s just not right!!

So, loads of ‘actual’ wine and nibbles with a roast dinner tomorrow. Get it out of my system before I get back on the diet and undo the damage I’ve done since Italy last August!!

I’ve got some lovely clothes I bought for Italy that I’m just not comfortable in at the moment. I felt really good in Italy and I’m ashamed of the damage I’ve done. I need to take control of something in my life and the diet is the target.

This week will be my last week to really take things easy.
Now that Uni consolidation is over and year two is under way, I will have no life to speak of until this time next year.
I have a couple of days away planned with Ian in April to see CC Smugglers at a ‘Secret Show’ in Covent Garden, but apart from that, time out with each other will be precious few and far between for the next year, so the next few days are going to be priceless.

So, HAPPY EASTER, and don’t eat too much chocolate.
Thank God I don’t have a sweet tooth!!

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