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The importance of ‘chillin’ is really sinking in today.
I have vowed that, as tough as the next year is going to be, I’m going to ‘chill’ and do whatever the f##k I please, as much as possible.

My Cineworld Unlimited card is going to play a HUGE part in that.
It’s something I can do with the hubby, with my kids, or even on my own if I have to.

I will remember to take time out just for me.
Put the books down, step away from the computer, and chill.

Friday was the first such day.
Peter Rabbit finally made it to UK cinemas.

Yes, Peter actually came with us on Friday evening.

Peter Rabbit

Nobody batted an eyelid as an insane 40 (nearly 50 ) something year old woman walked into the cinema with a rabbit under her arm!!

The film was wonderful.
It was actually a lot better than I thought it would be and it was made all the more enjoyable by listening to the kids in the cinema, laughing out loud and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Tomorrow is another Uni day. Our forst introduction to one of the Units for the year and we should also be receiving our skills logs.
So I’ll have more of an idea of the things I need to tackle at work and be able to discuss with my mentor and work colleagues about how I’m going to achieve them!!

It’s going to be a very intense year and I will apologise now for using my blog as a sounding board whenever I need to have a little scream!!!

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