General diary entries


Today had been a disaster.
The fiasco with Marjorie’s appointment. See previous blog.
MRI results for me, confirming that my knee is well and truly f###ed and I will be needing a new knee at some point in my future but until I am not able to use my knee and I am a burden to the government with benefits because I can’t work, they won’ t replace it….. go figure!!!
Ian has been tooing and froing between physio and muscular skeletal for the last year  + because of his shoulder and now because both confirm that he has a problem with his neck as well as his shoulder, he has to go back to the GP to be referred officially for the neck. So another 2-3 month wait before anything is done…. frustrating.

Deep breath……

I spent yesterday, printing off paperwork for Uni.
Tomorrow is going to be a f##k it day.
I am going to do nothing except look forward to a cinema trip with Ian and two of our girls to see Peter Rabbit.

Of course, Peter will be going with us!!


I am looking forward to a carefree evening.
Being completely silly before I have to go to work on Saturday.

I think, being silly whenever I can is going to be really important this coming year.
It’s going to keep me sane.!!

Watch out famalam!!

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