Why is it, that in this country, you are considered to be an adult at 18 years old.

You can drive.

You can get married.

You can drink.

You can get credit cards and loans.

You can live independently of your parents. I can even give my child 28 days notice of eviction (Don’t tell my kids!!!)

But when it comes to medical treatment, even though they won’t talk to me as a parent without my child’s consent, they are still classed as children until they are 19!!!

So annoyed with a wasted day today. We needed to make an appointment for Marjorie to see a Gastro specialist to confirm whether or not she has Coeliac disease.

The online booking system gave us 3 options with the shortest wait being at a local private hospital, so we booked it, only to receive a letter saying they don’t take ‘children’ under 19!!!

A couple of days later we received an appointment anyway and attended it today. We were told the appointment didn’t exist and that this letter should have been received before the letter we received telling us they don’t do kids under 19.

So now poor Marjorie has another 2 month wait!!

Poor Marjorie is devastated, she just wants confirmation and she took an afternoon out of college to attend it.

Thankfully I’m on a day off or I would have been well and truly hacked off too!!

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