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So, we went to a ‘secret’ screening at the cinema tonight.
It’s always a bit exciting not knowing what you’re actually going to be watching and I have to admit that there are a few films coming in the next few weeks I really have no interest in.

Cough!! ‘Isle of Dogs’ Cough, cough!!

However, I did a bit of research for films due by the end of March because ‘normally’ these screenings are due for release only a week, or maybe two, later.

So I went into the show tonight hoping that it would be Peter Rabbit!!

It wasn’t.

But I wasn’t disappointed.

My research didn’t go quite far enough. I should have dipped into April.

It was ‘Love, Simon’ and it was brilliant!!
The frightening power of social media which actually makes the subject of this film all the more harder!

I really don’t envy kids having to make decisions like this these days.
I just wish they could all do it without having to be this scared.

Love, Simon is a really sweet, heartwarming and funny film.
The teachers, particularly the Drama teacher, absolutely cracked me up!!

So go have a date with Simon in April!!

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