General diary entries


The husband is in the bad books this morning.
I actually can’t believe he said what he just said.

As a Star Wars fan I shared a post on Facebook last night of two young girls playing Beat Sabre VR which I thought was awesome. I really would love to have a go.

However, when I showed it to the hubby this morning, he thought it was cool too but as we watched he went on to comment that as these were obviously meant as a bit of advertising for the game, wasn’t it strange how they’d chosen two young girls showing a bit of skin!

Image result for oh no you didnt gif

I’ve just been online to find a man playing the same game.


Now you tell me, who’s showing more skin?!!

After watching a few ‘men’ playing the game, all I see is the fact that they’ve chosen two feisty young women who are absolutely ‘smashing’ the game, doing it in style and beating the crap out of any man trying to do the same.

The hubby was absolutely flaberghasted when I lost my shit at him.
He kept trying to defend what he’d said and just kept digging a bigger hole.
I’m really disappointed in him.

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