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I’ve just watched the winner of this years Best Documentary Feature Oscar. Icarus.


I suppose you could say it was a documentarian’s dream.
What started out as a man who wanted to uncover the truth about doping in sports ends up with a geopolitical thriller and an Oscar winner.

Bryan Fogel is an American film director, producer, author and playwright, however, from childhood, a passion of his was cycling.
He pushed himself to the limits and became friends with many famous cyclists.
When Lance Armstrong was caught for doping, Bryan wanted to find out how this was possible.

Lance had taken over 500 dope tests throughout his career and passed every single one.

He teamed up with a top American scientist to start a regime of his own and improve his own performance and prove that dope checks can be beaten, but after 6 months, the scientist pulls out of the experiment because he’s worried about his career and suggests a Russian scientist to replace him.
This is where the documentary changes pace and goes in a whole unexpected direction and is actually quite frightening!!

Highly recommend a watch.
It’s a Netflix film and available to watch now.

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