General diary entries


So, the country is being battered by the ‘Beast from the East’ with temperatures dropping well below -5 consistently for the last few days.
Today sees the storm hit us full on and London is on an Amber warning.

So what are we doing today?

We’re off to London!!

We are spending the next 4 days in London and I’ve been really looking forward to it.
The snow situation is just making it a little more interesting.
The reason for the visit is quite simple.
We’re seeing these guys tonight at the O2.

imagine dragons

I really can’t wait!!
I just hope it’s not cancelled because of the weather.

Anyway, we have day and night time tickets for the Shard tomorrow so that should be interesting in the snow.
Otherwise we will just be chillin (literally), Enjoying good food & drink and I think a couple of visits to the cinema will be required in this weather.
We still haven’t seen Black Panther so that will be one for Leicester Square and my favourite cinema, the Picturehouse Central is showing Call Me By Your Name on Friday and Saturday.
I know I’m getting the Bluray on Monday by I really would LOVE to see this one in the cinema while I have the chance.

Right, time to go get ready and finish packing before we brave the outside world.
Signing off for a few days.

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