General diary entries


Well this morning was not the morning to have to wear loose fitting summer trousers to the hospital to get an MRI scan on my knee!!
Thick ice on the car and -3.
Anyway, I came home and went out for a naughty breakfast with the hubby.
1st one this year.

I am now doing a bit of research for places to eat in London that will take the voucher we got from Xmas ready for our trip next week.

I am listening to Spotify and on comes ‘This Is Me’ by Keala Settle.
I crank the sound up and OMG!
I am going to the cinema tonight with 2 of my daughters to see the ‘Sing a long’ version of ‘Greatest Showman’ and……

NOPE!! I can’t do it!!

I can’t even sing it in front of my computer on my own without getting so emotional that it brings me to tears and I have a HUGE lump in my throat so I can’t even make a sound.
The thought of an entire cinema singing it is giving me goose bumps.
How does Keala sing this live?

I’ll try an get some video to post.
Watch this space.

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