General diary entries


I am a little disappointed by last night’s BAFTAs but not totally surprised.

I’m disappointed ‘Call Me By Your Name’ didn’t win Best Film but deep down I knew it wouldn’t anyway. Three Billboards totally deserved that one.

At least ‘Call Me By Your Name’ picked up Best Adapted Screenplay!
I’ve read the book so I know the screenplay was amazing. It captured the essence of the book completely.

My biggest disappointment last night however was that Timothee Chalamet didn’t win anything.

I didn’t expect him to win Best Actor because I knew that would probably be going to Gary Oldman but I did expect him to win EE Rising Star.

Now don’t get me wrong, Daniel Kaluuya is a wonderful up and coming young actor.
But he’s not as up and coming as Timothee Chalamet.
In fact Timmy is storming up!!

Let’s compare.

Daniel Kaluuya
Has 40 credits to his name since 2006.
Has an Oscar nomination.
Has 8 other wins.
Has 43 other nominations.

Timothee Chalamet
Has just 22 credits to his name since 2008.
Already has an Oscar nomination.
Has 25 other wins!!
Has 43 other nominations.

Timothee’s body of work may be smaller but he’s been getting major recognition.
He’s in two of this years Oscar nominated movies and his performances are brilliant in both, in fact, his performance in ‘Call Me By Your Name’ is astounding.
His monologue in ‘Miss Stevens’ alone is worthy of the Rising Star award.

So sorry Daniel, I think this award went to the wrong person.
I’m not bitter about it. I know that this award was voted for by the public.
Daniel’s movies are a little more mainstream than Timothee’s so it’s hardly surprising that the public voted for someone they are more familiar with, but give it time.
I have no doubt that out of the two of these actors, Timothee will be the one to watch.
There’s an Oscar in Timmy’s future. I firmly believe it.

Shame there isn’t an award for gallantry.
Timmy would have won that one hands down!!


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