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Flicking through the news today I discover the unexpected death of Johann Johannsson at just 48 years old.
Not a familiar name to most people, although they are probably familiar with his work, most notably, his work for the film ‘The Theory of Everything’.

I’ve written before about the importance of music in a film, particularly when I am writing about the ‘God’ of movie music himself, John Williams.

Johann Johannsson was just getting started.
‘Forces of Attraction’ from ‘The Theory of Everything’ is one of my favourite movie pieces EVER!
His work on this film garnered him a Golden Globe win, and Oscar and BAFTA nominations.

‘Sicario’ got him Oscar and BAFTA nominations.

‘Arrival’ got him Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations.

He accumulated 12 award wins and 57 nominations for various awards throughout his career. Not bad for just 17 years of officially recognised work!

It’s heartbreaking to think about the music we will never get to hear this man create.
We will simply have to make do with what we have and it just isn’t enough!!

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