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To say today has been a bit of a shock is an understatement. There could be some big changes on the horizon for the family as a whole.

Last November, Marji went to the Dr’s because she’s been feeling really tired all the time.
She was constantly in bed when she wasn’t at college or work and it was really getting her down.
The Dr sent her for blood tests and for whatever reason, we put them to the back of our minds. Being the time of year and the fact that Marji was feeling a little better we didn’t give the results another thought.

No news is good news right?

Anyway, Marji got a letter the day before yesterday asking her to make an appointment to see the Dr and this is where we got a little nervous, so she asked me to go along for moral support and at 08:30 this morning we had the appointment.

The reason we hadn’t heard anything about the results is because they were waiting for a coeliac screen result. Apparantly these normally only take a couple of weeks but they didn’t receive the report until the 30th of January!

A normal level is between 0 and 7 and Marji’s result was 125.
Not what we wanted to hear.

So what does this mean?

It means we still don’t know if she has coeliac disease or not but there is a possibility, so now she’s being referred to the Gastro team at the hospital because the only way to confirm a diagnosis is to have an endoscopy and have a sample of bowel lining taken for testing.

Poor Marji.
Hip Dysplasia, Freiburg’s Disease and now this!!

I could scream, I really could!!
I know this is going to sound really selfish but I really could have done without this, this year.

Anyway, for now, we carry on as normal with no changes to diet in anyway as it will be pointless doing the endoscopy.
If the diagnosis is confirmed, then a close look at EVERYTHING we buy is in order.
I can’t afford to be buying two seperate diets for the house so we will have to do our best and join Marji in the Gluten Free war.
Probably won’t hurt us in the long run anyway!!

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