General diary entries


OK, so here’s a bit of a gush before I get cracking on….. I can’t decide.
It’s either a book.
Some new sheet music.
Or I get my old sketchpad out.

Anyway, I’m getting a little bit excited for a movie due here in the UK on March 16th.
Frustratingly, it’s being release THIS week in the States!! NOT FAIR!!

Peter Rabbit!!

When I first heard about it I was more than a little dubious.
I’ve never been a huge Peter Rabbit fan growing up. I’d seen and read the books but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.
Then I found out that Domhnall Gleeson was playing Mr McGregor and all I could picture was this……

Mr Mcgregor

Until I saw a photo of Domhnall filming that looked like this!!!….



Funnily enough, my interest suddenly piqued.
Then the trailers started appearing and were followed by clips and interviews and now I wholehearted can’t wait to see this film.

Domhnall is at his best doing comedy anyway, but he’s never really had the chance to really show off his ‘physical’ comedy and that looks like what he’s been able to do with this film.

Here, have a couple of tasters.

Can I just say that his usually red hair (which I do love, I won’t deny it) dyed brown is actually a really sexy look on him!!


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