General diary entries


So it’s a big hello to an exceptionally challenging new year.
I hope you are feeling well and there are not too many sore heads!!
I sincerely hope that you all have an amazing 2018 and stay safe and healthy.

I ended up having a fairly miserable New Year’s Eve.
I didn’t quite make it to the end of my shift at work. Didn’t do as bad as I thought I would but at around 18:00 I had to admit defeat.
This cough is really taking it out of me.
I did see Big Ben chiming in the New Year but I didn’t even get a kiss as the hubby had fallen asleep!! Great!

Personally I know this is going to be a challenging year.
My foundation degree kicks up a level so I will have no spare time for anyone or anything.
Please don’t take it personally if I turn down invites for anything but I am determined to finish this damned degree and then get back to some normality!!
My little break away with Ian in London in March is going to be heaven!

It’s going to be a frugle year too.
Credit cards have taken a hammering, particularly with my car at the end of 2017 and we still have to get Ian’s car looked at.
We need to get as much as we can paid off before we drown.

Anyway, my personal New Year starts on the 3rd as I have my first shift at work for 2018.
Today, we are going over to my Mum and Dad’s for a roast dinner!
I haven’t had one of my Mum’s roasts for ages and then it will be home to chill and relax.
Tomorrow I will be sorting through what’s left of the Xmas goodies and drink and probably enjoying some of it too.

Then the hard work starts.
The last few months have seen me overindulging and undoing some of the work I did to get a little fitter before my Brother’s wedding last August.
I’ve done a little damage to the diet but nothing I can’t fix in a few weeks with a little determination and then I need to continue.
My aim this year is to drop at least two dress sizes.
I’ve found it’s easier to concentrate on how clothes fit rather than weight! It’s really fun to try on something you like, only to realise that you actual need a smaller size!!
I also felt a lot healthier around August last year too!
So, no more crisps and snacks and a HUGE cutdown on the wine and more exercise and hopefully all those lovely clothes I bought for Italy will actually be too big for me in August this year. (and I won’t have the money to replace them!!!) aaargh!

Seriously would love to get a cinema trip in before Weds but this hacking cough means I can’t!! I’ll just have to be patient.

So, this is me in Italy in 2017.


I place the picture here as a challenge to myself.
I will post a picture of me in the same outfit in August this year and see if I’ve made any progress with my diet.

So there we go.
First blog of the New Year.
Let’s hope it won’t be the last!!

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