General diary entries


So, after three days dying on the sofa, 5 movies and season four of Black Mirror, and a bucket load of turkey soup, I’m actually feeling ‘slightly’ better.

I don’t hurt all over anymore but I have a really irritating cough that has given me a banging head and my chest hurts.

But I am mobile and a little more in the mood to actually carry on with life.

I’m hoping that today has been the turning point and that tomorrow will be a little better.
At least I hope so, I’m supposed to be working New Years Eve and I’d hate to let them down….. again!!!

Anyway, tomorrow will be spent chillaxing and blogging about expectations for 2018.
If I don’t post before New Year, I hope you all have a wonderful evening.
See you all in 2018!!

Categories: General diary entries

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