General diary entries


You know what they say… all the best laid plans… blah blah.

Thankfully I had a wonderful Xmas day.
Everything ran smoothly. Me and Mum work together well to keep things flowing.
We all crashed in the living room after dinner and watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I don’t think it was Dad’s cup of tea, but the rest of us enjoyed it.
We then watched a Russell Howard live on stage show that My Dad thought was highly amusing.
Shortly after this, Mum and Dad left and the rest of us could barely keep our eyes open.
Ian and Dharma disappeared upstairs and after a while, I gave in and joined them.
I left Murron and Marjorie snoozing on the sofas.

I was exhausted and it was still relatively early. I was feeling fine, just tired, but in the middle of the night I was awake and burning up.
I flung the window open to the cold night air to try and cool down but didn’t sleep much after that.

I’ve had a little irritation on my chest for the last week but it wasn’t much but on Boxing Day whatever it was decided enough was enough and kicked into high gear.
My head felt like it wanted to explode, my back ached, my limbs hurt. I felt very ‘fluey’ which is annoying because I had a flu jab!!

I spent the afternoon curled up on the sofa and from 6pm until 9pm I debated going into work the next day.
When my temperature hit 38.5 at 9 o’clock, the decision was made for me.
There was just no way I could go into work and I had to make a call I HATE making.
The fact that it was just after a Xmas break as well, made it even harder.
I hate calling in sick at the best of times, but at this time of year it just make you feel even more guilty.

I’m not feeling much better today so I decided not to go in tomorrow either.
This gives me a few days before I’m due back in on New Years Eve.
Hopefully I kick whatever this is by then.

For now, I’m curling up on the sofa again with some movies and nibbles.
Logan Lucky with Adam Driver and Channing Tatum and American Made with Domhnall Gleeson and Tom Cruise.

The house is so quiet.
Apart from sneeking downstairs for food and drink, I haven’t heard anything from anyone else and it’s 14:30 in the afternoon.
I think they are trying to stay away from Typhoid Mary!

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