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Like I said in my previous post, the year had been relatively good until now.
Illnesses spreading through the family like wildfire.
Poor Ian is still struggling with his tonsillitis although it does appear to be easing off very slowly.

We had hoped that would be it until the new year.
How wrong we were.

Something ‘went’ on my car a couple of days ago.
Something we couldn’t ignore.
So, before we attempted the last of the Xmas shop, we took her over to a local garage.
It was not good news.

While she was up on the ramp, we were given a tour of the faults.
All four disk breaks were badly corroded.
All four break pads also needed changing.
The exhaust was badly corroded and blowing in various places and that included the cat converter.
The end of the cat converter was so badly corroded that even if a new exhaust was fitted, there was nothing solid to attach it too!!
A couple of the tyres are on the verge of needing to be replaced as well.
A bill totalling £950!!

Why bother I hear everyone ask.
Just buy a new one.

I could. But I like my little car and even if I did go out and spend £1500 – £2000 on a new one, there’s no guarantee that the same faults won’t rear their ugly heads a year or two down the line.

In the end the bill only came to £850
They couldn’t fit matching tyres so we decided to wait until the new year.
It’s still £850 we could have done without having to spend.

Anyway, after leaving my baby at the garage for the day, we headed over to Tesco to do the last of the Xmas food shop.
10am. It wasn’t too bad!!
The shop was fairly busy but we got straight through at the till.

I have now just picked my baby up from the garage and she is running a whole lot better.
She’s got her ‘poke’ back!!
I stopped off at Mum and Dad’s to collect a case of wine they got me for Xmas. A selection of Italian Pinot Grigio.
I am now enjoying the first bottle!
Lumina Lunae 2016 and it is lovely!

I just have to get through a 12.5 hour shift at work tomorrow and then I can enjoy Xmas.

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