General diary entries


Just a quick time out to update on how things are going.

I’m actually regressing mentally by the day.
In just 5 days and 12 hours I’ll be on my way to the cinema for….
Well you know what for!
By Wednesday evening I should be regressed to the age of a ten year old and barely able to contain myself.

Anyway, yesterday didn’t go as expected.
I had intended to work on my essay but Dharma had other ideas.
The nose bleeds she has suffered with in the past, decided to rear their ugly heads again.
I’m talking 1.5 hours each time with 4-5 cm clots.
No GP appointments were available and the walk in centre wouldn’t take her so we ended up in A+E.
By the time we sat down the bleeding had stopped.
When she got checked, they couldn’t identify where the bleeding was coming from so couldn’t cauterise anything.
We were sent home with instructions to go back with any more heavy bleeding, otherwise, go back to the GP if they become a regular thing again so she can get referred to the ENT department.

Great, concentration on my essay was not going to happen so I ended up doing a little Xmas foody shopping. I got some lovely gammon joints that I baked and put into the fridge overnight so that they sliced beautifully this morning ready for the freezer.

Today, I ‘finally’ managed to get some of my essay done.
I’m actually now only around 300 words short of completing it, so I’m feeling a little more relaxed about it.

This weekend should see the end of the essay but I will also be baking some sausage rolls for the freezer.
I intend to make this weekend as relaxing as possible as I’m back to work on Monday.
How effective I will be at work is an unknown.
I will be in full on Star Wars mode getting ready for Wednesday.
I will be impossible to work with and I can only apologise for that.
I’m not sorry about it but I will apologise anyway!!

So, back to this evening and I’m about to nip to the cinema for an unlimited pre-viewing of Jumanji with Ian and Marjorie.
I’m hoping it will be good. I love Dwayne Johnson but I just don’t find Kevin Hart funny….. at all!!
We’ll just have to wait and see.

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