General diary entries


It’s official, this is now a plague house. I am seriously tempted to paint a big red cross on the door.

2 UTI’s, 2 stinking colds, 1 case of tonsillitis and an IBS flareup!
We are all feeling a little run down and poor Marjorie just can’t stop sleeping. We are currently waiting for blood results to see if there is a specific cause.
I am amazed that Ian hasn’t picked anything up yet considering his low immunity but now I’ve said that, you just know something will get him.

Apart from my stinking cold which is (I hope) on it’s way out now after a week, I am quite on top of things. Except for my Essay!!

I’ve probably spent around 5 hours in total sitting in the Dr’s waiting room.
The living room and dining room got a bit of re-organisation over the weekend.
Gentleman’s Grub Club was a success on Tuesday and the stew fed us for a further two days!!
Wednesday saw me get my Star Wars mandala tattoo from the lovely Jack at the Stone Crow Tattoo parlour.

That’s it!! General Hux will be with me for the rest of my life. Even if he doesn’t survive the movies.

Yesterday saw the arrival of the Xmas decorations.

Today I will be heading over to my Mum’s after finishing this blog, to decorate her tree.
This afternoon I will be taking Murron for a follow up appointment at the hospital and after that I will be decorating my Auntie Karen’s tree.

This weekend, I will be locking myself in my living room and working on my essay!!
I really want to see the back end of it now so that I can just enjoy the next few weeks.

Less than two weeks until The Last Jedi!!
Then I will get excited about Xmas.

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