General diary entries


Plans for annual leave have not gone as planned so far.

My first day on Friday was spent with a checkup visit to the dentist.
All went well as it usually does, I’m pretty lucky with my teeth.
I also felt like I was brewing a cold. Typical!!

However, I woke up that morning feeling like I may also have the start of a UTI.
We’re pretty hot on that in this house considering the kids histories, so after checking my own sample I new I was definately brewing something.
I checked myself into the walk in centre at 11am and at 13:00 I was STILL waiting to be seen.
Unfortunately I had to get Murron to the hospital for a booked scan so I had to check myself out.
I got back to the centre at 14:30 and the receptionist booked me back in as if I had never left so it looked like I’d been waiting 3 and a half hours. I got seen very quickly.

Saturday arrived and so did the full on cold!!
I did some tidying around the house and plans were made to de-clutter before Xmas.
These plans involved a trip to Ikea on Sunday.

Unfortunately, on Sunday, Murron also thought she was coming down with a UTI and as she’s be hospitalised in the last year because of them, we checked a sample and got her straight to the walk in centre.
Another 2 hour wait.

Anyway, we finally made our way to Milton Keynes where we stopped off at the Music Kavern to get Murron’s Xmas presents.
She’s been totally spoilt this year.
New Ukelele and a new guitar.
I don’t mind. She enjoys playing them and doing open mic nights and I like to hear her play.

We finally got home with 2 new cabinets from Ikea to re-organise our movie (Star Wars) collection.
The living room is looking less cluttered and things are finally looking more organised.

Monday, I started to do preparation for tonights Gentleman’s Grub Club and I waited for a Tesco delivery of Xmas drink and nibbles.

Today I had to do a placement with the Psychiatric Liaison Service and now I am home to do final preparation for Gentleman’s Grub Club.

What is Gentleman’s Grub Club? I hear you ask.
One of Murron’s friends, a really cool dude called Stan, usually hosts it at his place on a Tuesday evening.
It consists of lots of food, drink, jamming and fun.
Tonight, I will be hosting it with Murron.
We have made a wonderful stew, we are making herby philadephia smothered chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and we will be serving with cauliflower cheese and herby baked baby potatoes.
Starters is a garlic soup and pudding is Eton mess!! If we make it that far!

Tomorrow, I have a 3 hour sitting for my most ambitious tattoo yet! I haven’t even seen the final design yet so I may be changing my mind!!

Thursday I will be getting all the Xmas decs out and sorting out my own trees before I have to decorate my Mums’ and my Auntie Karen’s on Friday!

After that, I really MUST get my final essay done.
I’ve wasted way too much time procrastinating over it.
I want it done and dusted before I go back to work.

So, not exactly wasted my time off so far, just not gone as expected.

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