General diary entries


The last two years have been a real eye opener for me personally.
All things LGBT have been questioned and I have gone looking for answers.
In my quest for answers, I have found some amazing people.
Riyadh Khalaf –
Melanie Murphy.
Hannah Witton.
Calum McSwiggan.
To name but a few.

This weekend sees the launch of #RainbowLaces.

Go to Twitter, check out the hashtag to find out all about it.
It is aimed at sport.
Whether you want to participate or support, whether you are lesbian, gay, bi, trans or whatever you identify as…. sport should be for ‘EVERYONE’!!
No one should feel left out or afraid because of who they are!!

My rainbow laces are still in the post but this weekend is their official launch.
Football and rugby club teams have all had rainbow laces for their matches and some have even had pitch flag changed to rainbow flags this weekend and Wembley Stadium has even been lit up in rainbow colours to show support and re-iterate that sport is for ‘EVERYONE’.

We can beat the hate. Together we can make a change.

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