General diary entries


So, Thursday was my last Long Day shift before just over two weeks of annual leave.
I don’t go back to work until the 11th December which is only two days before I get to see ‘The Force Awakens’ followed by a midnight showing of ‘The last Jedi’

Every year since going back to work I have taken the last week in November and the first week in December as annual leave to allow me to prepare for Xmas.
By the time I go back to work everything will be done.
Presents will be bought and wrapped.
Xmas food and drink will be bought and prepared.
Xmas decorations will be up and the house will be organised and tidy.

The only downside to this year is that I still have to attend my placements for my University course on both Tuesdays and I also have my final essay to write and reference.
Yeah, and I’m also fighting off a cold.

Yesterday was a nightmare.
I had a dental checkup in the morning which went fine and got the usual ‘come back in 6 months for a checkup’ result.
I woke up suspecting I was brewing a UTI and decided to check in with the walk in centre.
Now, bare in mind, I needed to get Murron to the hospital for a scan at 13:45.
I checked into the medical centre at 11am.
I had to tell them I was leaving to make a hospital appointment.
Thankfully, when I checked back in at 14:30, they checked me in as if I hadn’t left and it looked like I’d been sat there for 3 and half hours!!
I got seen within 5 minutes and I’m now on 3 days of antibiotics.

Not how I planned my first day of annual leave.

Anyway, today I’ve done some shopping and relaxing.
Tomorrow I’ll be spending the day out with Ian.
We are going to re-organise and consolidate our movie collection and hopefully de-clutter the living room a little before Xmas, so a trip to IKEA for some display units is on the books.
Hopefully be getting dinner out too.

Monday is going to be spent on my final essay while I wait for a Tesco delivery of Xmas drinks and snacks and I also need to prepare for Gentleman’s Grub Club on Tuesday evening.

Yes, Gentlman’s Grub Club.
I’ve been talked into ‘hosting’ Gentleman’s Grub Club.
Simply put, Murron’s friend ‘Stan the Man’ will be giving up his usual host of the event for me and Murron to host for a change.
Lots of food, booze and jamming.
Should be interesting.


I have no clue!
As long as I have my essay finished and I’m Xmas ready, I don’t care how the next two weeks go.


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