General diary entries


I just can’t get motivated!!
I think I managed about 50 words today with one reference!

I got up at 07:15 to take Marjorie to work and I spent the rest of the day eating crap, drinking booze and sitting on my arse watching a lovely film called ‘Shelter’ and playing on my computer.
My motivation for anything has disappeared completely.
I’m beginning to feel crap and bloated again. The weight has started to creep up after all the hard work I put in for Italy, so it’s time to buck my ideas up.

I’ll be getting up early again tomorrow to take Marjorie to work. I think I’ll go for a walk when I get home to clear the cobwebs.
I really must get some of this essay done tomorrow and I need to think about kickstarting the diet and exercise again.

I really don’t know what the issue is.
I feel great when I’ve lost a little weight, the exercise makes me feel good and I feel more comfortable in my clothes.
So WHY do I always lose motivation and go back to square one?!!

It always happens around this time of year too which makes me think that the lack of daylight may have something to do with it.
When I’m working, I go to work in the dark and I finish and come home in the dark.
I don’t see any natural light where I work.
When I’m at home, I stick myself on my computer for fun or for Uni work.
The only daylight I get to see is from a 5 minute car trip to Tesco.

So right now I’m feeling a bit Bleh!!
Not good when I have to get this essay done.
At least I have 4 weeks left to do it, so I’m not panicking just yet.

Oh yes, the one bit of excitement in my life?
26 days left until The Last Jedi!!

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