General diary entries


After an extremely busy few weeks at work and a bit of a break from Uni work, I find myself with three days off in a row.

I had a plan which involved spending most of that time writing my last essay of the year.
I wanted to get it finished or practically finished before my annual leave in a weeks time so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

However, today had different plans.
I started with a sleep in and wasn’t showered and dressed until 09:30.
Mum was round by the time I came downstairs and as she isn’t the quietest person in the world and can talk for England when she wants to, getting any essay work done was not going to happen.

I decided to plan meals for the next three days and went to Tesco to get what was needed.

Then I escorted Marjorie to Triple Ace Tattoo studio after college for her first (and probably last) tattoo. A simple heart on her wrist for Nanny Grissle. So I now have mine behind my ear, Murron has hers on the back of her neck and Marjorie has hers on her left wrist. Just Dharma left to get one now in around 3 years.
I took the oportunity to get my free colour touch up on my butterfly that I had done around 2 years ago. I’ve been meaning to pop in for the last year to get it done but just never found the time, so today I took my opportunity.

I have just finished making a lasagne for dinner and we are now waiting for Ian to get home from work. He has a little work to do when he gets in and then we are off to see Justice League!!

So! No essay work today then.
Ho Hum.

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