General diary entries


Well, what to do this afternoon really as I’ve already wasted the morning on Tumblr and Youtube.

Anyway, I’m torn between carrying on with my computer fun and starting my next essay.
I think I’m going to go for a bit of both.

Either way, it will all involve some alcohol.

So let’s make a start with……


It’s been a long and arduous wait, but the Last Jedi is virtually upon us.
We can only hope that the press tour will start very soon, so expect my blog to be filled with interview clips and ‘hopefully’ film clips.
I am really hoping we see more of Adam this time around.
I know that two years ago the need to keep the mystery of Kylo Ren coupled with Adam Driver ‘hating’ public appearances, meant that we saw very little of him during the press tour.
The appearances that he did make were like gold dust for his fans.
He appears to have loosened up a little in the last two years which bodes really well.

Anyway, on completely the other end of the movie scale, I found the International Trailer for Peter Rabbit this morning.

You may or may not have noticed, that next to Adam Driver, Domhnall Gleeson is one of my favourite actors. The fact that they are both in Star Wars together makes me extremely excited!!

This trailer shows a lot more of Domhnall’s character ‘Mr McGregor’

Domhnall is a wonderfully expressive actor.
He loves doing comedy and rom-coms and did an exceptional job recently as AA Milne in Goodbye Christopher Robin.

It still amazes me that that this man….

was subsequently cast to play this man….. the most prolific killer in the history of Star Wars.

I really wonder sometimes, what went through the casting directors head, to link such a cold character to Domhnall Gleeson, but I will forever love them for it!!

My biggest fear for the Last Jedi is that my General will not see it to Episode 9.
Seriously, if they kill Hux, I will be doing my best to sob quietly through the rest of the film.

Anyway, a decision has now been made.
I think I have messed around enough on the computer today. Time to do a little studying and then I’m off to pamper myself with a hair cut.
I keep my hair extremely short.
It’s just so liberating not to have to worry about anything except some wax in the mornings. I always know when it’s time for a cut. Usually between 4 and 6 weeks when the curls start to fight back.
Today is that day.

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