General diary entries


It was a good day today!!

I spent the day with the Bedford Crisis team. Did a few visits and then got to sit in on a very interesting meeting. I would like to have spent a little more time with them but it’s on to someone new next week.

Over the last few weeks I have been expecting results on two essays.
The first was due today and I’m pleased to say I got a B+!!!
Now I just have another agonising 3 weeks to wait for the results on the second one.

I only have one more essay to write to finish off my first year on this course.

I’m busy coming up with a study plan with my Mentor to make the most of my Mondays between now and going back to Uni in March.
There’s a lot I actually want to try and achieve and I’m hoping that some of it will at least acount for some of year two.
Trying to get a head start!!

So tonight I’m celebrating with a take out and a bottle of vino.

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